Sandra Warren is a writer with very eclectic writing tastes. She’s been fortunate to have work published in multiple formats including books, magazines, journals, newspapers, audio (cassette, CD) and video (VHS, DVD) on topics spanning children’s, gifted education, parenting, how to, poetry, educational activity guides and biography for adults as well as children. Her interests remain eclectic with two screenplays, a novel and several picture book manuscripts in process. Originally from Michigan and Ohio, she’s proud to call herself a “Mountain Woman,” having recently moved to NC where glorious vistas inspire latest renderings.  
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Sandra’s journey into writing was most unconventional. She never aspired to be a writer and in fact, hated the subject in school. It wasn’t until one of her three daughters began having trouble that she decided to write. That daughter’s trouble ushered Sandra into the field of Gifted Education which led to the publication of her first book, If I Were A Road. This open-ended story book with activities designed to enhance creative thinking, along with If I Were A Table and The Great Bridge Lowering, are still used in classrooms today, over thirty-eight years later. Arlie the Alligator a story-song picture book followed which afforded Sandra the opportunity to work with a song writer, actors and a technical music engineer as she wrote and produced a CD and DVD of the story. Books and three educational video/DVD’s for gifted parents and educators followed. Not one to turn down an opportunity, Sandra ventured into the memoir/biography genre after being approached by two Army Reserve Nurses who served in the Persian Gulf War -- When Duty Called: Even Grandma Had To Go and Hidden Casualties: Battles On The Home Front. We Bought A WWII Bomber: The Untold Story of a Michigan High School, a B-17 Bomber & The Blue Ridge Parkway, tells the true tale of the extraordinary accomplishments of junior high and high school students who initiated U.S. War Bond and War Stamp sales of over $375,000 dollars earning the right to buy a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber to aid pilots in the war. The story resulted in the placement of a historical marker on The Blue Ridge Parkway. It has become symbolic of the patriotism that permeated the country during WWII. She Started It All, is the historical fiction version of We Bought A WWII Bomber, written for middle-grade students and teens and set in present time.   Spivey’s Web is a paperback picture book for young children with a twist at the end that makes it a Christmas story. Tired of creating ho-hum barn spider webs, Spivey climbs high in the barn loft to spin webs of her own design. Imagine her surprise when a special STAR shines through her web creating tiny blinking stars that float around a baby crying in a manger. Spivey’s web didn’t catch flies. It caught the LIGHT! Today, Sandra continues to write in a variety of genres. Her current project, due out in 2019, is an adult historical fiction based on The Orphan Train movement in 1856 - 1929. It was first a screenplay.  Sandra grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the only girl in a family of three boys. Growing up, she considered writing to be her worst subject in school. The thought that she’d ever see her name on the cover of a book never entered her mind. She had dreams of becoming a pre-school teacher when she grew up. Even so, she read voraciously and lived vicariously through the characters in the books she read. All that reading paid off. Sandra loves to share her unconventional journey encouraging others to think big, follow their dreams and read, read, read, if being a writer is their goal.